Stubhub Hozier Tickets (2024)

1. Hozier Tickets - Concerts & Tour Dates | StubHub Ireland

  • Hozier tickets for upcoming concert tours are on sale at StubHub. Buy and sell your Hozier concert tickets today.

2. Hozier Tickets & 2024 Unreal Unearth Tour Dates | Vivid Seats

  • How to Buy Hozier Tickets: To get started shopping for available 2024 Hozier concert tickets, locate the concert you'd like to attend. Any local Hozier tour ...

  • Buy Hozier tickets at Vivid Seats. 100% Buyer Guarantee. Use our price filters and interactive seating charts to find cheap event tickets for all upcoming 2024 Hozier tour dates.

3. [PDF] Hozier Merriweather Tickets on Stubhub

  • Hozier Tickets StubHub. -. X + Fees=true. |||. 出 出口. Finish update: Q Not ...

4. Hozier Tickets, 2024-2025 Concert Tour Dates | Ticketmaster

5. Buyer Beware: Don't Get Scammed on Hozier Tickets! - Tumblr

  • ... tickets. But seatgeek, stubhub, vividseats, and other sites already have tickets listed??? Yeah. Yeah, and they had tickets listed yesterday too, BEFORE ANY ...

  • Tickets went on sale today for Hozier's 2024 Unreal Unearth US Tour. I'm already seeing people in the tag talking about trying to get marked up resale tickets from scalpers, which is totally understa…

6. As resale ticket prices climb, the live music industry looks for solutions

  • Feb 27, 2024 · That's how much one ticket cost on Vivid Seats for Hozier's upcoming Merriweather Post Pavilion show in May. ... tickets and StubHub for resale.

  • Price gouging is not just affecting massive sold out shows like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, where resale tickets sold for as high as $20,000, but permeating into local concerts and smaller, independe…

7. Hozier Tickets |

  • Compare Stubhub Hozier tickets to TicketsT and Save up to 15%. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our customer service. Compared to Hozier tickets ...

  • Find all tickets for all Hozier concerts at Score cheap Hozier concert tickets for all dates in schedule.

8. Artist has made tickets unavailable for transfer a... - StubHub Community

  • Feb 12, 2024 · Solved: Noah Kahan has made his concert tickets “unavailable for transfer”, mobile only, and will be issued within 72 hours of event.

  • Noah Kahan has made his concert tickets “unavailable for transfer”, mobile only, and will be issued within 72 hours of event. Can these 3 tickets be sold? If so, what is my process to get them to the buyers properly? Thank you in advance.

9. Hozier Unreal Unearth World Tour 2023-2024: How To Buy Tickets ...

  • Nov 30, 2023 · If you're looking to see Hozier live in North America, tickets are available now through StubHub where orders are 100% guaranteed through ...

  • Grammy-nominated artist Hozier is taking his latest album on the road for the Unreal Unearth Tour, covering dates in Europe and South America before wrapping up in North America. Get more info, see dates, and buy tickets here.

10. Hozier has warned fans about scammers when buying tickets for ...

  • Apr 17, 2023 · Hozier has taken to Twitter today to warn fans of scam accounts selling tickets at inflated prices. In a tweet, Hozier stated, ...

  • Tickets for Hozier's Malahide Castle show sold out instantly when they went on sale.

Stubhub Hozier Tickets (2024)


Is StubHub OK for tickets? ›

Is Stubhub legit? Yes, Stubhub is legit. I have bought plenty of tickets from Stubhub over the years without issue. However, Stubhub is a secondary ticket market, which means you will likely not pay face value for the tickets.

Are Hozier tickets transferable? ›

Please note that tickets for Hozier are non-transferable. Tickets are non-transferable and can only be used by the original purchaser. Groups will need to arrive together to ensure smooth entry into the venue. For fans who are unable to use their tickets, Ticketmaster face value exchange is available.

How much are Hozier tickets on average? ›

Hozier tickets usually cost over $150 for a seat near the front of the stage or VIP seats. Seats located in the upper levels of the venue typically are cost around $80 a ticket. On average, tickets to see Hozier live in concert will cost you $860.50 a ticket.

Does StubHub sell official tickets? ›

Ticketmaster, StubHub and SeatGeek are official reseller partners of the NFL. If you can access the tickets through their mobile app or online by logging into your account on their webpage, the tickets are valid.

Does StubHub guarantee tickets? ›

Every order is 100% guaranteed on StubHub. StubHub's exclusive FanProtect Guarantee ensures valid tickets or your money back. It's this guarantee that makes us the most trusted ticket marketplace by fans where you can buy and sell with 100% confidence.

Why are tickets available on StubHub but not Ticketmaster? ›

For popular events, Ticketmaster sells out very quickly or has only limited seating choices. That is where Stub Hub and it's ilk come in. Stub Hub is a ticket re-seller. Anyone who has a ticket can re-sell through Stub Hub at whatever price they wish, and Stub Hub charges a fee for the service.

Are Hozier tickets refundable? ›

16. Refunds must be requested from the point of purchase, no later than three months after the Event. 17. Refunds of any booking fees per ticket or per order fees are subject to the terms and conditions of the point of sale.

Does Hozier have VIP tickets? ›

Hozier 2023 VIP Packages

From the moment you arrive via the VIP entrance at the venue, all our VIP guests will enjoy access to the exclusive hospitality lounge and excellent stage views from the VIP seats. VIP tickets at Resorts World Arena Birmingham are available for groups of various sizes (subject to availability).

What tickets are not transferable on Ticketmaster? ›

If the items are eligible for transfer, you'll see a Transfer button next to your order. If it's grayed out, your item isn't eligible for transfer. All merchandise, VIP package elements, fan club memberships, and ticket insurance originally purchased or included with the ticket are not transferable.

Is Hozier good live? ›

Hozier has always been one of few artists who is widely considered to be better live, and if it wasn't already obvious from the rest of his set, the sound of his lilting tenor on “I, Carrion (Icarian),”'s rich and eerie melody proved it unequivocally (and also makes me wonder what his producer even does after he ...

How long does a Hozier concert last? ›

How long does a Hozier concert last? Hozier concerts normally last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the setlist they perform.

Who is opening for Hozier in 2024? ›

Hozier opening act

For the U.S. leg of his tour, Hozier is bringing special guest Allison Russell to all shows. Russell, 41, walks the line between folk and R&B; if you're looking to sample her sound, we suggest starting with her most-streamed track, the slow burning “Nightflyer.”

Is StubHub a valid place to buy tickets? ›

Aside from their large selection of tickets, another thing that's special about StubHub is their Premium Ticket option, which includes court-side seats, VIP event packages, meet and greets, etc. StubHub sells authentic tickets, and their website is safe for buying and selling tickets online.

How do I know if my tickets are real on StubHub? ›

If the tickets don't appear in your see tickets wallet, which is an app, then you know your tickets were not real. If they send you a PDF or they email you a ticket like that, then you know they're not real. But also. make sure that you double check that the tickets in the see tickets.

What is the difference in Ticketmaster and StubHub? ›

Ticketmaster is the primary sales source, meaning all tickets originate on that site, and once the allotment is gone, it's basically gone. StubHub is a secondary market, where people who have already bought tickets can list them for resale.

How do I know my StubHub tickets are real? ›

If the tickets don't appear in your see tickets wallet, which is an app, then you know your tickets were not real. If they send you a PDF or they email you a ticket like that, then you know they're not real. But also. make sure that you double check that the tickets in the see tickets.

What is the difference between TicketMaster and StubHub? ›

TicketMaster Vs StubHub - Deliveries and returns

There are not too many differences between TicketMaster and StubHub when it comes to ticket deliveries and returns either – electronic vs paper. The price is bigger on paper tickets because extra shipping fees apply. On the other hand, ticket sales are final.

How to check if tickets are real? ›

Verify that the seller has a real physical addresses and phone numbers. Scammers often post fake addresses, PO Box, or no address on their websites. Check the actual web address of the resale ticket seller. Some scammers create phony websites that closely resemble authentic ticket company websites.

Do tickets drop on StubHub? ›

Sellers often list tickets on StubHub weeks or months ahead of a given event. But as those events near, they may come down in price in the absence of having a buyer. And so if you wait until you're within a few days of a given event, you might snag a great deal.


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