How To Use EBT On Food Delivery [& Which Services Take It] (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • Limited Eligibility: EBT can be used only for certain items like fresh produce and pantry staples, excluding hot foods or restaurant deliveries.
  • Specific Services: Only select delivery services like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart accept EBT for grocery deliveries.
  • Convenience: EBT payment for grocery delivery enhances access to food for those with limited mobility or in lower-income households.
  • Budgeting is Key: To maximize EBT benefits, careful budgeting and seeking discounts specific to EBT cardholders are recommended.

Delivery services that accept EBT →

  • Understanding EBT-Eligible Food Delivery
  • List of Food Delivery Services That Accept EBT
  • How to Use EBT for Online Food Delivery
  • Benefits of Using EBT for Food Delivery
  • Tips for Maximizing EBT Food Delivery Benefits
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Wrapping Up

Understanding EBT-Eligible Food Delivery

Before we get into the specific delivery services, let’s discuss what you can buy using EBT payment.

The program helps people add more groceries to their monthly food budget.

Recently, the program has expanded to include EBT payments for grocery delivery. This means you can order food straight to your door instead of going to a physical supermarket!

However, EBT can only be used for things like fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and pantry staples. You can’t buy any hot food using the service, which rules out restaurant delivery services.

However, you can still use it for delivery platforms that offer grocery delivery. Most of these services will list the stores you can buy from, and these range from places like supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocers.

List of Food Delivery Services That Accept EBT


1. Instacart

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Instacart is a delivery service that specializes in things like groceries and other household items. It’s like food delivery but for household goods.

EBT Eligibility and Restrictions:

Using Instacart and EBT cardsis as easy as pie! You use them as payment at certain stores like supermarkets and grocers, where they’ll have a list of what’s available in your area when you visit the site.

However, there are only certain products you can use for EBT payments. Thankfully, these are all labeled as ‘EBT’ so you can easily see what you can and can’t buy.

Area of Service:

Available in all 50 states where Instacart operates.

Some rural areas won’t have access, but most cities will be fine. The range of stores on offer might also vary due to local and state restrictions, so make sure you check what ones you can first!

User Experience:

Instacart is a handy grocery delivery service that lets you order groceries to be delivered straight to your door.

The only downside is that it can be expensive if you order from there often, as there are lots of fees for delivery and handling associated with the service.

Furthermore, users have to pick a certain time slot for their groceries to be delivered – which means you might not get the time slot that best suits you.


2. Doordash

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Doordash is a popular food delivery service that’s also expanded into grocery service. While you can’t pay for hot restaurant meals using EBT cards, you can use them for groceries from certain stores.

EBT Eligibility and Restrictions:

Doordash accepts EBTfrom certain grocery and convenience stores such as Safeway, ALDI, 7-Eleven, and more.

Like Instacart, you can only use it for certain products. These are easily accessible under the ‘SNAP’ filter, which lets you sort through the items to see what’s eligible for purchase using your EBT card.

Area of Service:

EBT purchases are only available in limited areas on Doordash as of writing. Make sure you check in the app or on the website before ordering.

User Experience:

Doordash is a very convenient app for food delivery services. Their grocery service is no different from their hot food service, and the added convenience of EBT payments makes it all the better.

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Ever wanted to order groceries from Amazon? Well, now you can – from Amazon’s own grocery chain!

Amazon Fresh lets you order grocery delivery straight from Amazon. They have a few physical locations available as well, but their primary focus is on delivery.

EBT Eligibility and Restrictions:

Like other food delivery services, you can only pay using EBT for certain products. However, Amazon has luckily labeled these products so you can see what’s available.

Just remember that you can’t use your EBT card for Amazon in general –justAmazon Fresh – which provides things like fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat.

Area of Service:

Amazon Fresh is available in all 50 US states. However, some areas might be more limited, so check online before you buy. You should be able to use EBT payments in every state.

User Experience:

If you’re a fan of Amazon, you’ll be a fan of Amazon Fresh. The convenience of Amazon but for fresh food? Super handy!


4. Walmart Online Ordering

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Walmart currently offers online order delivery straight to your home! You can get goods from Walmart shipped straight to your door, including grocery items.

EBT Eligibility and Restrictions:

Like other delivery services, EBT is only available in select products. These are marked as ‘EBT eligible’ which makes it easy to pick the ones you want.

However, you can generally buy any grocery items you need using EBT. Walmart Online Ordering makes the process super simple, as you just need to add your EBT card to your profile.

Area of Service:

EBT payments are accepted by Walmart online in all 50 states!

User Experience:

Generally, users of Walmart’s Online service love the ease of ordering Walmart products straight to their homes.

Other Food Delivery Services That Accept EBT

Unfortunately, that’s it for food delivery services that offer EBT payments!

As of writing, you can’t use EBT for Grubhub ordersas their focus is on hot food delivery.

If Uber Eats accepts EBT, they don’t currently offer it. However, they have recently announced that they’re looking to implement it in the future as they expand into grocery delivery. So, keep an eye out for that announcement!

How to Use EBT for Online Food Delivery

It’s easy to pay using EBT cards for online delivery services. The process may vary between services, but they’re all generally the same:

1. Add your card as a payment method

The first thing you need to do is add your EBT card as your preferred payment method. This will be under a separate tab to your debit/card card, typically a ‘SNAP’ or an ‘EBT’ section.

You just need to enter your card details and add them to your profile.

2. Fill your cart

Next comes the easy part – choosing what to buy!

Remember to only add items that are eligible for EBT payments. This includes things like fresh vegetables or pantry staples. Most services will make it super easy for you and label the products eligible for you to buy.

3. Checkout and delivery

When you’re ready to pay, head to the checkout screen and choose the EBT payment method. From here, the service will take you through the rest of the payment.

You can even choose to nominate a particular amount to pay for with EBT*. This is handy if you want to buy non-eligible EBT products alongside your shop. After this, you’ll need to enter your PIN and complete the payment.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be able to go through the delivery process and receive your goods!

*Please note that some services might not let you use your EBT card to pay for the delivery cost. If this happens, you can use an alternate payment method.

Benefits of Using EBT for Food Delivery

While you can’t use your EBT card for hot food delivery, you can still use it for grocery delivery.

The introduction of EBT cards to online food delivery has made it easier for people to access food items. Now lower-income households can afford to use the service to make grocery shopping easier.

It also makes food delivery services more accessible for people with disabilities. Individuals with limited mobility or those who need to care for a loved one at home can now use the service with their EBT cards.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to maintain social distancing in our post-COVID world. If you’re sick or have sick family members, getting groceries delivered to your doorstep makes life simpler.

Overall, using EBT cards in food delivery services makes healthy food accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or physical abilities.

Tips for Maximizing EBT Food Delivery Benefits

However, using food delivery services does come at a cost! This mostly comes from the delivery fee, which some services won’t let you pay for using your EBT card.

There are plenty of ways you can try to save money, such as:

1. Make a budget (and stick to it!)

Having a budget makes it easier to not overspend on online delivery services.

You could break it down into categories such as ‘meat,’ ‘vegetables,’ and ‘pantry staples.’ Or just make sure you don’t spend more than a certain amount. There are lots of great budgeting tips to explore on the Internet.

2. Find discounts for EBT cardholders

Did you know some food delivery services offer discounts for EBT cardholders? These can range from cheaper fees to cheaper subscription rates.

If you plan to order your groceries from one service a lot, signing up for a cheaper subscription might be a great way to save money in the long run.

3. Remember to only buy EBT-eligible products

While you can still have non-EBT products on your order, you’ll have to pay for these using a different method.

Things like alcohol and hot food won’t be able to go on your EBT card, so skip those if you want to save yourself the hassle!

Thankfully, each delivery service will have a way of marking out what products you can buy with your EBT cards. This makes it easier to pick out the products you need and can pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Hot Food With EBT in California?

California currently operates Restaurant Meals under the Calfresh Program to give access to hot food to those in need.

This means you can pay at certain restaurants with your EBT card. You will, however, need to meet one of the following conditions: if you’re homeless, disabled, or elderly (age 60+).

Does Amazon Take EBT?

Amazon Fresh accepts EBT as a payment method. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy things from the normal Amazon online store using EBT. However, you can buy things like fresh vegetables and meat through Amazon Fresh, their grocery supply chain.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are a few different services that offer EBT cards as a payment option. These include Instacart, Doordash, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart Online Ordering.

Other places like Grubhub and UberEats don’t currently offer it as a payment method, but they might in the future!

Using your EBT card to order groceries online might make it easier for you to buy essential food items.

With a little research and planning, you can make the most of this program and get access to quality groceries without leaving your home!

How To Use EBT On Food Delivery [& Which Services Take It] (2024)


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