Culpeper Star-Exponent from Culpeper, Virginia (2024)

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Bulpeptr ponmt EAGANES Asst? Bthfilgr ESTABLISHED IN 1881 BY JAMES GREEN RALEIGH GREEN SINCE 1897 No 43 VOLUME NO 44 CULPEPER VIRGINIA THURSDAY MORNING EBRUARY 5 1925 nrrMRER 1923 2366 Vf LA 1 ivn 0 Rules of the Drawing I TBL VH a 7 rr jf 'a nsider SITPHIN GEORGE SETTLE BOB RICKETTS ALLISON GAY CARPENTER A IIELD THOMPSON BICKERS LETCHER The following rules will govern the drawing: The drawing will be held at 2:00 sharp on ebruary 10 1925 at the front door of the Culpeper Court House 100 numbers will be drawn and list ed by the judges in the order drawn Holders of the lucky tickets will be allowed un til ebruary 24 to present their numbers to the judges They heed not be present at the drawing But if the first numbers on the list are presented at the time of drawing the prizes will be awarded at once If the lucky numbers are not presented at the drawing they will be advertised in the two county papers on ebruary 12 and 19 Ko Steps To Acquire Area or De partment Cost Big ac tor in Congressional Action Watkins Johnson Co Smith Bros Macoy Clarke Hardware Co Culpeper Service Station Herndon inks William Swan Va Northern Power Go Inc Beard Grocery Produce Co Jennings Motor Service Drug Store Culpeper Sales Service Co Hudson Brothers A Swan Jr Co Culpeper National Bank Reaguer isher Underselling Store Culneper Creamery Inc Yesterday Is Gone Tomorrow Never Comes The judges will determine the prize winners as follows: If the first number drawn is presented to them on or before ebruary 24 the holder will be awarded the first prize an Oldsmobile Touring Car The holder of the second number will be awarded the second prize an Overland Touring Car the third number wins the third prize and sb on If however any number or numbers are not? presented by ebruary 24 at 12 noon such numbers will be canceled and replaced by moving up the numbers immediately following the list Thus the holder of a number far down on the list stands a chance of being moved up to a prize winning position so be sure if your number is on the list to present it to the judges No person can win more than one prize InllUnnL lUliLJl SERVICE NOT DM POSED TO PARK The following business people are members of the Boosters and to them is due the credit for giving away the two Automobiles and 57 other valuable prizes 4 Schreiber Standard Oil Go Eugene Phillips Second National Bank Quinn A Rosenberg Nottingham Jr Co Jones Central Hardware Co Culpeper Telephone Co Coleman Hudson Thornhill Nalle Co Star Grocery Co Kelly Son Messinger Co Roy Jones Chelf Go Yowell Co A Glasco*ck Shotwell The Virginia Star John Covington Coca Cola Bottling Works Culpeper Motor Co Miller Culneper Silk Mills Settle Bros BROWN CO Culpeper Milling Co Union Motor Co Thurston Co Culpeper Pharmacy Culpeper Exponent Latham Culpeper Grocery Co Culpeper Marble Granite Works inks Williams Gorman Battery Service Sta Davies Dick Weaver Dodson The following gentlemen to act as jadges for the contest PATTIE JOHN HALL CARROLL MENEEE UTZ But TODAY Is Here And Today is the day to pay your accounts and get Booster Tickets" Today riday Saturday Monday and Tuesday until noon are the last days BANK OPENS WITH LARGE DEPOSITS Sank Is Accorded Great Welcome By The Largest Deposit In History There was a run at th? Culpeper National 4'ank Monday morning The people were running to see wno 'ould put their money mere iirst Yes sirt People were literally rac ing one another io me tenercarrying a handful a pocketful or a armfur of money The race lasted all day Monday and esday and even' they came in streams 1 Culpeper has ad many a red let ter day in her colorful history There have been many days that were at that time the greatest ever But the 1 reddest red ildtter day in iCulpeperkJnmrt tn this vear this month and T1 if 4 llhi9 'week inereiore luuuuaj tnc second day of ebruary 1925 surely i ivill ever be remembered for on that iday the doors of the Culpeper Nat ional Bank opened with the pomp and array of a presidential inauguration There was a veritable host of people I who had awaited the day with the en thusiasm of a small child on 'Christ mas Eve They represented an unoroken lineexcept for a few times for a few moments each all day at the cage Drawing out? No putting in! And it was putting in all day just as fast asl they ould be waited The despite the cold weath er were exceptionally warm in shirt sleeves and were continuously using their handkerchiefs to mop from their brows perspiration that came oniy irom deposits that day exceeded any in banking bis tory That the opening was anxious ly welcome and that the utmost confidence was held in the bank was shown by that river of money which flowed into the till On Monday after the bad paper had been charged off' the books of the bank and) $750000 of the valua tion of the bank building had been charged off the bank had $120000 working capital The Comptroller ofl Currency and several members of the ederal Reserve Bank in finding That the arrangements had been com pleted for the re opening exclaimed that never before had they heard ot sucQi support to financial insititu 1 tion: that the people were to be com 1 mended There is no need to say I what would happen if the teink had failed Instead we will use that space for praise While all are deserving of credit special credit should be given to Jas JI letcher Wood and Chas orbes a committee Through their bodies were tired and worried their spirits were undaunted They ormed into line the subscribers to stock ana urged the saving depositors to leave their money on deposit It Herculean task at first until the people realised then they responded with alacrity The officers are John Covington President Jas II letcher and Stephens Vice Presidents and Harold1 Brown Cashier one need' introduction to Culpeper and vicinity for they arwell known foi their integrity and business ability HarSd Brown is from Rap pa hannock count He was cashier of the Rappahun ock National Bank for six years He is clean cut af fable and possessed of energy alert LT Jh and ability He comes highly recommended by all who know I i directors are all substantially hnrwn to I They are: Coving letcher 1 Vi uyu I Quxintance Harrisonburg Va eb 4 The National orest Service which has control over' 600000 acres of moun tain timber land in this section of Vrginia will put no obstacles in the' path of the legislation Congress for the establsiiment of a national park in the B'Ue Ridge Mountains it was announced today by officials of the orestry Service Since the recent agitation in favor of creating such a park there have been frequent rumors that the Nat ional orest Service will attempt to block the movement in order that the national area may be entend ed from Stuarts Draft north to in clude a portion of the proposed nat ional park erea In fact several United States Sen ators ho are strong supporters of the extension of the national' forests have expressed opposition to the park bril believing more servic? can be had by the natona'l forest instead of the natonal acquiring the Blue Ridge area so Valuable Pasture Lands In tracing these rumors it develop ed that several years ago Nat ional orest Service made a prelim inary survey of the area suggested for the national park with the view of taking it into the orestry Ser vice This survey revealed such large tracts of valuable pasture lands that the 'orestry Service felt the cost woud be too high and abandoned the iJea' I' Since then however the orestry I Service has made a survey of the lower end of the proposed park area and if the park is not established this section may some day be added to the forestry are? tut it is stated that the National orest Service made no plans to attempt to acquire the pro posed park area policy of the National orest Sjr Je in keeping hands off the ionaipark legislation it is believed will strengthen legislation in Co(n gross Many members of Congress it is known would oppose the park legislation if they thought the or estry Service wanted 'the area Cost Big Consideration Since the orestry Service isindift" fernt toward the movement: the ex? peeled opposition from 'that quarter itjisjnow sail will not crop up in i Congress It is recognized here thatone of thq ultimate determining factors jn' fl I the national park site selection" will i be theiost of the mountain land Un der the terms of theredrafted Tem pie th Secretary bf the 'Interior muet 'submit the findings of the sur I vey commission with his rccommen dation to Congress and Congress will act finally on the site i This report is expected to show what each of the proposed 'national park sites will cost how much land property owners will1 donate and what the total outlay by the ederal Government will be This feature of the Dill puts the Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains on more xr 'less a competitive basis and' the lower cost site is more than likely to ob tain the first approval of Congress The Blue Ridge advocates do not fear competition If is known that large sawmill interests own large sections of the Smoky Moun tain and that these interests have placed a high value on the mountain land avored By Tennessee 7 This fact may be overcome how ever by the fact' that a bill is pend 5 ing in the Tennessee Legislature for that State 10 purchase 86000 acres of theGreat Smokies for' pqrk ipur This represents about' one "1 third of th? area desired by the eb era! Government It is known Whether Tennessee would be willing' to make 'this puf 'i chase and ipresent it to the ederal Government The sentiment how ever in Tennessee vry strong fqj a national park The strongest appeal the Ridge area has is its proximity to the populous East A park in North ern Virginia would) be available to between 30000000 and 40000000 people on a week end motor trip This fact expected to wield much influence in the final decision of EE Congress i VIOLATION 2 Last Monday in the Court Mayor Alden BelJ imposed the penality of seventy five dollars and thirty days in jail on Harrj Hitt who was convicted on the 1 charge transporting ardent spirits but proper reasons being shown to the' Court the prison part of the sentence was suspended dur4E ing good behaviorl The accused also received a fine of five dollars for be ing undarm the' influence of ardent in a (public place The: fjnes(lE ereupaid to the Corporation Treas lireroW flw cjt! bns 1 tt4' yrsi ffild a 'business men everyone ton Jas Stephens Hudson John Yowell Turner Ratrie Bickers Dr Grnvljleh Eastham Johnson Thornhill and Chai orbes ROBT RIXEY DEAD Prominent Resident of Culpeper ound Dead Last Night 1 Robert Rixey one of the PJoml nent citizens of Culpeper was found dead in his home last night faillure to keep an engage ment last evening be made Dr Wright Kel accom panied by Archie Roy janitor of Mr apartment on Davis StrH across from the Court House to the home of Mr Rixey wher he bad lived alone since the death sev eral years ago of his bro the tor Alfred Rixey Dr Mr Rixey lying dead on the floor of bis living room' Preparations for the midday meal occupied the stoie and table and a plate lay 'broken on the floor near the body It is thought that death was due to an attack of appopftexy and that he must have been dead since noon Deceased the second son of hr CULPEPER BOOSTERS uneral arrangemenghad notl jLf A A J'i 1 JlilBBlIlllllBIBIIIIIlllllllIWIIliiW SEs mMT 1 iii ill 11 I IL I 1 I il i.

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