Accepteert Shopify EBT? Een uitgebreide gids voor handelaren (2024)

Does Shopify Accept EBT? A Comprehensive Guide for Merchants

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  1. Introduction
  2. EBT and Shopify: Understanding the Landscape
  3. Implementing EBT on Shopify
  4. Benefits and Considerations
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

In today's rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, the ability to cater to a diverse set of payment preferences can significantly enhance a merchant's reach and customer satisfaction. One payment method that has been a topic of interest for many Shopify store owners is the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), commonly used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The question, "Does Shopify accept EBT?" has sparked widespread curiosity, especially among merchants seeking to serve a broader audience, including those relying on government assistance for grocery purchases. This article dives deep into the current state of EBT acceptance on Shopify, exploring how merchants can leverage this capability to grow their business and contribute to increasing food access in underserved markets.


Imagine the opportunity to tap into a market segment that represents one in eight Americans. With over 250,000 brick-and-mortar stores accepting SNAP benefits in-store, the potential for online EBT acceptance is vast yet largely untapped. This gap presents a unique opportunity for Shopify merchants to pioneer an inclusive shopping experience that not only broadens their customer base but also serves a community in need. The fusion of commerce and social impact makes the exploration of EBT acceptance on Shopify not just a business decision, but a step towards a more inclusive economy.

The introduction of Forage, a payment processing platform that facilitates online EBT transactions, has opened new doors for Shopify merchants. Forage's Shopify app not only streamlines the USDA's approval process for merchants but also addresses the technical and compliance challenges associated with EBT payments. This breakthrough development raises important questions about how Shopify merchants can integrate EBT into their payment options and the broader implications for their businesses and communities.

This article aims to demystify EBT acceptance on Shopify by providing a clear overview of the operational, technical, and compliance considerations. By the end of this read, merchants will be equipped with actionable insights on integrating EBT into their Shopify stores, thereby unlocking new revenue streams and contributing to greater food accessibility for SNAP beneficiaries.

EBT and Shopify: Understanding the Landscape

EBT acceptance online has been a complex issue due to stringent regulatory requirements, technical challenges, and limited gateway payment solutions that support EBT transactions. However, with the SNAP program expanding its reach to online shopping in several states, the demand for e-commerce platforms to support EBT payments has surged. Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, has been at the forefront of exploring solutions to meet this demand, with Forage spearheading the initiative as the first payment gateway for SNAP EBT online transactions accessible to Shopify merchants.

The Role of Forage

Forage's integration into the Shopify ecosystem marks a significant milestone in making EBT payments more accessible online. The Forage EBT Gateway app simplifies compliance requirements such as producing compliant receipts, split tender, and accurately calculating the EBT amount to be charged. This integration alleviates the major barriers merchants face in accepting EBT payments online, providing a seamless and compliant checkout experience for SNAP beneficiaries.

Compliance and Regulations

To accept EBT payments, merchants must navigate a complex landscape of federal and state regulations, starting with obtaining approval from the USDA. This process requires merchants to demonstrate the ability to meet specific compliance standards, including product eligibility, secure PIN entry, and accurate transaction processing. Forage assists merchants in this process, offering guidance and technology solutions that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Implementing EBT on Shopify

Integrating EBT payments into a Shopify store involves several key steps:

  1. USDA Approval: Merchants must first apply for and receive authorization from the USDA to accept SNAP EBT payments. This process includes demonstrating the ability to comply with program requirements.

  2. Choosing a Payment Processor: Forage stands out as the premier solution for Shopify merchants looking to accept EBT payments. By installing the Forage EBT Gateway app, merchants can easily integrate EBT payment processing into their existing Shopify store.

  3. Technical Setup: The technical integration involves setting up the Forage app within the Shopify store, configuring it to handle EBT transactions alongside traditional payment methods.

  4. Compliance and Testing: Before going live, merchants must ensure their setup meets all compliance requirements and undergo thorough testing to guarantee a smooth checkout experience for customers using EBT.

  5. Education and Marketing: Educating the store's customer base about the availability of EBT as a payment method and marketing this new capability can help drive traffic and sales from the SNAP beneficiary segment.

Benefits and Considerations

Expanding Customer Base

Accepting EBT payments allows Shopify merchants to tap into a significant demographic that relies on SNAP benefits for grocery purchases. This expansion can lead to increased sales volumes and customer loyalty from a community that values merchants who acknowledge their needs.

Social Impact

By enabling EBT payments, merchants contribute to reducing food insecurity and enhancing accessibility for underserved communities. This social impact can bolster a store's brand image and customer perception, aligning business goals with meaningful societal contributions.

Technical and Regulatory Challenges

While Forage simplifies the integration of EBT payments on Shopify, merchants must still navigate technical setups and adhere to strict compliance standards. Ongoing maintenance and updates may be required to ensure seamless EBT transaction processing and compliance with evolving regulations.


The integration of EBT payments into Shopify stores represents a significant advancement in e-commerce inclusivity. With the support of Forage, merchants now have a pathway to accepting SNAP EBT online, unlocking new revenue streams and making a positive impact on food accessibility. While challenges remain in terms of compliance and technical implementation, the potential benefits for both merchants and SNAP beneficiaries are immense. As more merchants explore this opportunity, the landscape of online shopping will continue to evolve, breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive marketplace.


Can any Shopify store start accepting EBT immediately?

Merchants must receive approval from the USDA and integrate a compatible payment processor, such as Forage, to accept EBT payments.

Are there additional fees associated with accepting EBT on Shopify?

While Forage does charge for its services, the exact fee structure can vary. Merchants should consult Forage for detailed pricing information.

Can EBT payments be combined with other payment methods for a single purchase?

Yes, through split tender functionality, customers can use EBT for eligible products and another payment method for the remainder of their purchase.

How long does the USDA approval process take?

The time frame can vary based on several factors, including the completeness of the application and current processing times at the USDA. It's advisable to consult directly with Forage for guidance and to expedite the process.

Can EBT payments be accepted in-store as well as online?

Yes, with the proper setup and payment processing solution, merchants can accept EBT payments both in-store and online, broadening the scope of convenience for SNAP beneficiaries.

Accepteert Shopify EBT? Een uitgebreide gids voor handelaren (2024)


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